'Shiatsu is an amazing way to join body and spirit. Fiona has worked wonders and has achieved results where other therapies failed. Thank you.' Uri Greenwood

"I went to see Fiona as I had a painful tennis elbow, which was not improving. I had had the tennis elbow for about 6 months when I visited Fiona. After the first treatment, I noticed a marked improvement for 3-4 days, I had about 5 treatments with Fiona, and my tennis elbow is now completely better. So preferable to steriod injections which my doctor says don't work in the long run anyway! Thank you Fiona...." Lu Potter

Following a stressful time where I had unexpectedly lost my job, I found myself feeling somewhat depressed and an existing problem with an arthritic hip was worsening. Having had some shiatsu many years ago I decided to sort out some fresh sessions and identified that Fiona was a local therapist. I am so glad I spoke with her and booked my first session! Fiona has proved to be an empathetic therapist treating both my emotional and physical issues during a handful of sessions over the past three months. Additionally a range of minor "irritations" such as swollen ankles have also significantly improved. I would recommend Fiona's Shiatsu sessions to anyone who feels "out of balance" as I did. Hazel Markou

'I have been for a fair few treatments with Fiona now. My body and back owe a deep gratitude to her red hot (believe me when I say her hands have an at times supernatural ability to emit almost red hot intensity) through her shiatsu treatments. Fiona has a keenly developed sensitivity and a deep and thorough understanding for applying just the right pressure, combined with an easy going manner, that can only have come through many years of experience. I can't recommend her highly enough!'
Ray Clarke

My daughter Charlotte has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and, since working with Fiona, I have noticed considerable benefits.
The most noticeable are in terms of Charlotte’s digestive system. Charlotte is sick very often and also gets quite constipated. After a session with Fiona Charlotte will almost certainly move her bowels which, although it doesn’t sound much, is really something to get excited about in our house, especially as it all looks good and healthy!
Fiona has been tremendous working with Charlotte – they are a real team. Fiona has taken time to tune-in and Charlotte has responded by doing her best to point to the areas she would like Fiona to work on. Fiona is patient, caring and absolutely focused on Charlotte’s needs working hard to decipher what Charlotte is saying (she has limited speech) and always respectful, explaining things every step of the way.
The most important aspect of the sessions is that Charlotte enjoys them! There are usually loads of giggles and smiles and Fiona has been careful to find ways of working that are beneficial and enjoyable for Charlotte. Charlotte’s relaxation and pleasure in the sessions are the best testimonial I could think of.
I am delighted to recommend Fiona to you!

Dr Emma Brodzinski

'Shiatsu helped me enormously during pregnancy and childbirth. It brought on labour and was a fantastic help in managing the pain and stress of childbirth.' Sally Brett, Director 3GX

'My lower back pain was totally sorted out after a couple of shiatsu sessions.' Wole Keyede, Music Producer

'Shiatsu helped me relieve stress and made me more productive' Miho Aishima, student

'I can confirm the magical properties of the hands this lovely lady possesses.' Barry McCarthy

'My baby was posterior presentation, so I had 2 nights of almost unbearable contractions. Shiatsu provided me with relief from the pain and a way of gaining control of it. It made a world of difference'. Mel Swan

I have a sciatica problem, which requires me to attend regular chiropractic sessions. It is useful combine this treatment with alternative remedies such as yoga and shiatsu. On my first visit, Fiona was very receptive to my specific needs, and tailored her approach accordingly. The manipulation, posture and breathing exercises have been invaluable in helping steer clear of back and leg pain as much as possible. I would thoroughly recommend Fiona’s shiatsu sessions as excellent value for money.”
KB– HM Treasury

I have found shiatsu sessions with Fiona very helpful in relieving tight muscles caused by combination of hunching over a keyboard and general stress. As well as the massage she provides helpful hints suggesting simple exercises that help my overall equilibrium.
Mike Long – HM Treasury

Thank you for yesterday’s session! It seems to have made a really big difference to me and the way I feel- and so I’m in a better mood and generally less uncomfortable and stiff.
Sam Juthani, HM Treasury

I came to Fiona not really knowing how she could help me, but hoping that Shiatsu
could aid me with some digestive problems as well as my general wellbeing.
The monthly treatments calmed my digestive problems within just a few sessions and
my wellbeing is benefitting tremendously from regular visits. Not only is it highly
relaxing but Fiona’s calm and reassuring practice quickly overcame and fears and
discomfort I had.
I would recommend Shiatsu to anyone who is open minded and looking for an
alternative therapy; or even just as an opportunity to relax and get back in touch with
their own body.
Chris Muggleton

Thanks for the shiatsu, it was brilliant, my shoulder has never been better and not only that, my sister said her back was completly better, so another big thank you.
Dave Griffiths