About Me

I discovered shiatsu 19 years ago through a friend who was studying shiatsu and used me to practice on - I couldn't believe how fantastic I felt after a shiatsu session - as if I was floating on air and had been reassembled into a more fluid but grounded form!

I was also drawn to shiatsu through my martial arts training and an interest in Taoist practices.

I qualified from the European Shiatsu School in 1994, following three year's training and have been assessed and certified as a registered shiatsu practioner by the Shiatsu Society. I have been practising for 15 years and continue to develop my shiatsu skills by studying with some of the world's top shiatsu teachers.

I offer non-judgemental support through the nourishing power of human touch and I am committed to helping my clients deepen their understanding of how their bodies work. I am currently studying Kinesiology and deepening my knowledge of energy medicine.

Shiatsu is a wonderful, truly holistic healing art and it it is my mission to share it with as many people as possible.

I also run workshops and retreats.